Surfski School


Surfski Kayak Thailand

Surfski kayaking Thailand blends adrenaline with breathtaking coastal beauty. Paddlers navigate sleek, streamlined kayaks over azure waters, encountering diverse marine landscapes from serene bays to challenging surf breaks. With year-round warm weather and vibrant marine life,
Water Sports Thailand offers an ideal playground for both recreational paddlers and competitive athletes seeking thrilling ocean adventures.

Accredited Dawid Mocke "Over the years the Surfski School has established a successful formula to effectively coach anyone to paddle Surfski! What would normally take a person anywhere from months to a lifetime to learn on their own, the Surfski School can teach them in their first lesson. And after a few lessons like that, they'll be ready for almost anything. Paddling at one of our Accredited Surfski Schools means receiving the best surfski instruction available."

Level 1

1,500 Baht / person


Level 2

1,500 Baht / Person


2,000 Baht / Person


3,000 Baht / Person