Cruze X

Entry-Level Surfski - Ideal for Children

The CRUZE X stands as a classic in the surfski category.
Crafted specifically as the optimal choice for beginners and newcomers embarking on their paddling endeavors, this surfski boasts a unique hull design that delivers exceptional stability and comfort. Enhanced by thoughtful integrated features, entering the realm of this exhilarating sport has never been more accessible. Notably, within the CS range, the CRUZE X stands out as the epitome of stability, making it the most secure vessel for those new to the sport. 

Cruze X Double

Beginner to Entry-Level Tandem Surfski

Picture the CRUZE X, and now envision adding an additional seat—welcome to the CRUZE X Double. This stable and robust watercraft is the prime selection for those seeking a relaxed paddle on the water. Its generous dimensions provide ample space while maintaining a sleek design, ensuring maneuverability and agility. In comparison, traditional touring kayaks pale in comparison to the performance and allure of this exquisite tandem surfski.

Cruze X RT

Advanced Double Surfski

The CRUZE X RT stands as an advanced roto-moulded surfski designed specifically for the beginner and recreational/touring paddling segment. As the sibling to the popular CRUZE X, it maintains an emphasis on exceptional stability and comfort. This model incorporates integrated features aimed at minimizing barriers to entry for those venturing into surfski paddling. Regarded as one of the most stable and robust surf skis within the CS range, the CRUZE X RT proves to be an invaluable asset for touring companies or surf ski/kayaking schools seeking reliability and performance.