Fenn Bonito

Entry-Level Surfski - Ideal for Children

Tailored for the younger generation or adults up to 75kg and 175cm in height, the Fenn Bonito stands as an exemplary entry-level surfski. With its compact dimensions and thoughtful design, it proves to be an ideal choice for those embarking on their paddling journey or seeking a responsive and enjoyable experience on the water.

Fennix Blue-Fin S

Beginner to Entry-Level Surfski

Distinguished as Fenn’s most stable surfski, the Blue-Fin S is an ideal choice for individuals venturing into ocean paddling or transitioning from sea kayaks. With a length of 5.9m and a width of 53cm, this watercraft offers stability and ease of use, ensuring a seamless introduction to the dynamic world of surfskiing for beginners.

Fennix Elite S Double

Advanced Double Surfski

Renowned as the fastest and most responsive downwind double surfski in its class, the Fennix Elite S Double epitomizes unparalleled performance. With a length of 7.5m and a slender width of 46cm, this watercraft is designed for advanced paddlers seeking top-tier speed and responsiveness during downwind conditions.