Entry-Level Surfski - Ideal for Children

The 510 emerges as the optimal entry-level surfski for anyone embarking on their paddling journey. With a length of 5.1m and a width of 38cm, it is effortlessly manageable, durable, and exceptionally stable. This versatile craft caters to paddlers of all ages, accommodating children to adults, and offers a seamless progression towards a semi-professional level. Merging the distinctive design elements of the 520 with enhanced stability and durability, the 510 ensures an enjoyable and enduring paddling experience.


Beginner to Entry-Level Surfski

The Viper46 embodies the aspirations of paddlers seeking a versatile model capable of excelling in various water conditions. Recognizing the universal appeal of such a design, a sit-on-top version was created to enhance seaworthiness, safety, and comfort. This new iteration maintains the acclaimed hull of the Viper 46, seamlessly integrated with our ergonomic ski cockpits, resulting in an optimal combination. The Viper46 Ski stands out as one of the most adaptable boats in our range, adept at navigating flat waters, challenging swells, and genuine ocean paddling. With a stability level of 4, it is tailored for non-professional yet experienced paddlers, particularly those with a focus on ocean paddling. Additionally, it caters to individuals aspiring to enhance their paddling skills and overall proficiency.


Advanced Double Surfski

The 600 stands as an advanced double surfski, boasting a length of 7.5m and a sleek width of 40cm. It offers a high-performance experience for seasoned paddlers seeking top-tier capabilities. It’s important to note that available fittings for the 600 may vary based on the chosen construction type, ensuring customization options to suit individual preferences and requirements.